Know Where
to Grow

Emetry makes it easy to spot opportunities and make decisions with confidence.

Seize Every Opportunity

Emetry ensures you spend more time making decisions instead of formatting spreadsheets.

Always Current

No need to wait for a quarterly report. Emetry segments are dynamic, so they are always current and ready when you need them.

Precise Targeting

Proactively know what accounts are at risk and which are primed for growth.

Prescriptive Action

Confidence in knowing where growth opportunities wait and what products to pitch.

3T Segments

Always know an Accounts Value

Identify rising and falling accounts, recognize sell-in opportunities, and deploy your sales team with confidence.

All 3T Features

Powerful Exports

Every export contains actionable account level stats, in addition to basic account information, so you can quickly act on opportunities.

3T Segments

Empower your
sales team

Weekly emails highlight rising and declining accounts within a sales territory and enable reps to prioritize accounts for maximum impact.

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