Location Matters

Understand customer distribution and supercharge geomarketing.
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Data-Driven Action. Simplified.

Using location data to make informed decisions and craft personalized communications is now simpler than ever.

Customer Density

Zoom in from State to County to Zip Code to see exactly where your customer clusters are.

Filter by Customer Attributes

View just your top customers, wine club members, or any combination.

See Change Over Time

Spot seasonal market shifts and know when and where to focus your marketing efforts to exceed your goals.


Effortlessly visualize your location data

Customer location data at your fingertips whenever you need it without running multiple reports or spending hours in spreadsheets.


Combine Markets with Ease

Whether for market planning or sending a targeted email there is no limit to the markets you can combine with Multi-Region select.


Complete Control over who you target

You pick the time frame, customer segment, and membership status, and it's reflected in the map. (Almost like magic, but really our highly-trained mega servers slaving away to make sure you have the answer when you need it)

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