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Emetry is a wine brand insights company delivering breakthrough data through our multiple partnerships, focused on generating high-impact outcomes.

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The wine industry is evolving.
Are you?

A fundamental shift is happening. Consumer behavior is changing, brand loyalty is eroding and competition is increasing. It is our goal to provide you with the data and industry insights to be ahead of change, rather than chasing it.

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Market Intelligence

Understand brand performance against your competitive set within the US, by state and all the way down to a retailer level.

Distribution Strategies

Use insights to optimize distribution decisions.

Brand Health

Understand how consumers consumers think & engage with your brand.

Marketing Insights

Choose better messaging and audience strategies.

Competitive Intel

Who is your true competitor by variety, by market, and by price point.

Consumer Behavior

Understand what leads to purchase, retention and loyalty.

Emetry Partners Will be Ahead of Wine’s New Reality.

Become a Partner at a nominal fee per brand per month

Successful wineries 10 years from now will be those that adapted to a different consumer with different values.

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