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Helping wine brands drive business revenue, and make more informed decisions on product development and promotional strategies.

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Aggregating big data to build a meaningful 360-degree understanding for wine brands in one easy to use software solution.

The Emetry software aggregates data from a range of digital sources, including the leading wine scanning app Delectable, direct to consumer data, and on-premise POS data to provide wine brands unique and exclusive insights aimed at helping wine producers drive business revenue and make more informed decisions on product development and promotional strategies.

Brand Health

Understand how consumers think about & engage with your brand.

Marketing Insights

Strategically target messaging and audience with accuracy and confidence.

Market Intelligence

Understand brand performance against your competitive set within the US, by state or by retailer.

Distribution Strategies

Optimize distribution decisions and spot market opportunities.

Competitive Set

Understand your true competitors by variety, market, and price point.

Consumer Behavior

Understand what drives purchases, retention, and loyalty.

Illuminating Opportunities in a Changing Wine Market

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Emetry Customers Include Some of the Most Respected Brands In the Industry

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